Automatic tying machine

  • Automatic Motor Stator Nylon cable bundling Machine
  • Automatic Motor Stator Nylon cable bundling Machine
Automatic Motor Stator Nylon cable bundling MachineAutomatic Motor Stator Nylon cable bundling Machine

Automatic Motor Stator Nylon cable bundling Machine

  • Model:SA-SY2500
  • Description: This nylon cable tying machine adopts vibration plate to feed the nylon cable ties to work position continuously. The operator only need to put the wire harness to correct position and then press down the foot switch, then the machine will finish all tying steps automatically Widely used in electronics factories, bundled TVs, computers and other internal electrical connections, lighting fixtures,

1.Put disordered bulk material ties into the vibrating plate at will, and the ties will be transfered to the gun head through the pipeline.

2.Step on the pedal to automatically complete all actions such as feeding, reeling, tightening, cutting, and discarding waste.

3.In 0.8 seconds, complete all actions such as feeding, reeling, tightening, cutting, and discarding waste, including auxiliary time. The whole cycle is about 2 seconds.

4.Waste materials are automatically collected in the waste box through a special recycling system (optional configuration).

5.The binding force or tightness can be adjusted.

6.PLC control system, touch screen display, simple and clear operation.

7.It can be used with manipulators to realize automatic cable tie in the automatic production line, or it can be fixed on the table as a desktop cable tie machine.

8.The whole machine has an automatic detection function to monitor each operation. Once an abnormality is found, the machine will immediately stop its action and give an alarm

9.Automatic detection of material blocking. If material blocking is found, the machine will immediately stop and give an alarm and a key clear function

10.To deal with different temperature differences in the area, the equipment is equipped with a temperature control system that can control the temperature of the cable tie.



Cable tie specifications

2.5*100 mm (specific to the actual product)

Banding efficiency

0.8 S/PCS

Applicable stator

54#, 60#, 70#, etc. (subject to the actual product)

Binding range

subject to the actual product or customized

Vibration plate feeding quantity

about 300 PCS/time

Host size

L735*W825*H670 mm

Cable tie table size

L365*W300*H350 mm

Applicable air pressure

5~6 Kg/cm2

Applicable power supply

220V 50/60HZ

Whole machine weight

about 150Kg (with casters, can be easily weighed)

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