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How to operate Copper Tape Splicing Machine for Wire video

SA-CT3.0T,Copper Tape Splicing Machine for Wire Harness,The wire splicing machine provides an advanced method for producing low-cost, high-reliability connections. Feeding, cutting, forming and splicing at one time eliminate the need for expensive pre-formed crimps. This method provides the lowest applied cost available on the market. It adopts an inverter motor that assures noise-free working environment.

1.This machine is specially designed for riveting wire, with high speed and good quality 

2.Using frequency conversion circuit board to control the motor drive the machine spindle, safe and stable.No clutch, high maneuverability 

3.Pressing mode connecting wire, instead of the traditional soldering way, no cold welding, air welding shortcomings of air pollution 

4.Adopting special continuous copper belt terminal material, cutting, forming and pressing can be completed at one time, which is fast and has no waste material and saves cost 

5.The copper belt terminals are treated with special lines, which have strong tensile resistance and stable quality after riveting 6.Energy saving and low working noise





Motor Power


Crimping Force


Copper Strip Feeding Mode

Motor Drive / Step Feeding

Maximum Copper Strip Length

60MM/Maximum Copper Strip Length 22MM

Maximum Copper Strip Width


Maximum Crimping Width


Maximum Crimping Diameter

6mm2 X 2

Operation Mode

Pedal Switch / Single Action


300 x 300 x 400 (MM)



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