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Full automatic Multi core cutting and stripping machine

How to choose automatic wire striping cut machine for sheathed wire 

Best choose our SA- H03 for sheathed cable , stripping outer jacket and inner core at one time . 

The machine designed for1, 2,3,4,5,6 ,7 cores cable full-automatic cutting and stripping both jacket and inner cores at one time. It supports max 7 cores sheathed cable processing. our machine adopt Japan, Taiwan, and other advanced automation technology .and 16-wheel drive ,silent hybrid stepper motor, servo tool holder. Belt feeding wires, let finished cable no embossing and scratches , it’s the best choose for sheathed cable .


1.It’s fully automated CNC equipment that introduces advanced technologies from Japan and Taiwan ,Computer intelligent control.

2.Suitable for cutting and stripping PVC cables, Teflon cables, Silicone cables, glass fiber cables etc

3.Easy to operate program with English display , stable quality with 1 year warranty and        low maintenance,
4.Optional external device connection possibility: Wire feeding machine, wire take-out device and Safety protection.

5.Widely used in wire processing in the electronics industry, automotive and motorcycle parts industry, electrical appliances, motors, lamps and toy, It’s can Greatly Improved stripping speed and save labor cost.




Conductor Cross-Section


10-70mm² ; 1-5 cores

Cutting Length



Cutting Length precision


≤(0.002*L) mm

Jacket Stripping Length

Head :20-120mm; Tail 20-240mm

Head 30-200mm; Tail 30-150mm

Inner Core Stripping Length

Head 1-120mm; Tail 1-240mm

Head 1-30mm; Tail 1-30mm

Conduit Diameter



Display Screen

7 inch touch screen

7 inch touch screen

Drive Method

16 wheels drive

32 wheels drive

Drive Method

16 wheels drive

32 wheels drive



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