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Cat 5 and Cat 6 network pair cables straightener

This machine is suitable for automotive, electronics, electronic wire harness processing industry.
Applicable for opening and straightening for various of braiding cable wire, shielded wire, cable wire, stranded wire,
HDMI,multi-core industrial control line,multicore Type C,USB, 3.1wire, Cat 6 similar network cable wires.


1 Easy to operate, quick to get started, saving time and effort

2 Lightweight and easy to carry

3 Reduce labor intensity

4 Quality assurance, not easy to damage, long service life

5 Professional equipment developed by many customers

6 After opening and straightening, it will be easier to crimp crystal head network cable.



Model SA-Cat6
Name Network twist cable opening machine
Voltage AC220-240V,DC24,V3A
Power mode Pneumatic
Wire opening length 10-60mm
Suitable wire type For multi-core opening and straightening
Control mode Foot pedal switch control
Weight 7kg
Dimension 21*11*23cm



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