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Fully automatic Vision Positioning Corrugated Tube air conditioner drain pipe Cutting Machine

High precision corrugated tubing cutting machine that is design for irregular pipe cutting machine ,adopt special visual camera positioning cutting type ,let irregular pipe cutting because easy with high accurate, so It’s popular with customer because of perfect cutting effect(cutting clean without burrs) ,It is widely used for cutting shield hose, steel hose, metal hose, corrugated hose , plastic hose,PA PP PE Flexible Corrugated Pipe

1.Specially designed for the pvc pipe processing of the automotive wire harness industry, high-precision PLC control, easy to understand.
2.Can be used for round plastic round tube, bellows cutting, high processing efficiency, stable and reliable.
3.Feeding with stepper motor, it has the characteristics of stable feeding and accurate length. The circuit uses integrated circuits for stable control and simple maintenance.

4.It's widely used in Highways,Bridges,Railways, Lightrail,Car, Transportation,Electrical,Monitoring equipment,Underground cable protection,Connect machine controls,All area of protection for insulated electrical cables and wires,ect.



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