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Full auto multi core wire different length stripping cutting machine

The machine designed for mulit cores cable full-automatic different length cutting and stripping inner cores.  Our machine Collection and integration,the microcomputer automatic computer for the strip line machine is a kind of introduced in Japan, Taiwan, and other advanced automation technology of all of the numerical control equipment.

Feature description:
1. The diagonal back design is ergonomic,
2. Servo motor control, the length of the wire can be adjusted by computer,
3. Adjustable structure, adjust the thickness of the line of material.

4. Simple structure and easy to adjust;

5. High efficiency and stable performance


SA- S3500

Conductor Cross-Section

0.5-3.0 mm²

Cutting Length

20-290MM ( other length can customized )  

Require outer jacket length


Air Connection



110/220VAC, 50/60Hz

Machine size




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